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Volkswagen Group Singapore Unveils Enhanced Apps and Year-End Promos

In an exciting development, Volkswagen Group Singapore has reintroduced enhanced versions of the Volkswagen Life and Skoda Smart apps, bringing a fresh design and an array of features to elevate the ownership experience for Volkswagen and Skoda aficionados. Both apps are now conveniently available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The revamped apps offer primary and secondary owners a more seamless avenue to schedule services, utilize service credits, and redeem vouchers through a unified account. Vehicle owners can easily register their vehicle model, unlocking access to service credits and hassle-free appointment bookings. The apps introduce automated reminders for crucial service notifications, inspections, or insurance renewals, enhancing the overall ownership experience. Owners can further streamline their service center visits by using a QR code upon arrival, expediting the check-in process.

Beyond these practical functionalities, app users can anticipate personalized offers, vouchers, and exclusive aftersales packages tailored to their specific vehicles. The apps facilitate the redemption of service vouchers, and as an extra incentive, Volkswagen Group Singapore is extending a generous 10% discount on aftersales accessories or services to new app users.

Complementing the app upgrades, Volkswagen Group Singapore has rolled out an enticing array of year-end service promotions for Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT, and CUPRA owners. These promotions encompass discounts on full car resprays, grooming packages, pre-roadtrip vehicle checks, and extended roadside assistance programs, providing a comprehensive suite of benefits for loyal customers.

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