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Lexus LM Redefines Opulence in Singapore Beyond Toyota's Vellfire

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Recently showcased at the exclusive Lexus VIP Lounge, the LM (Luxury Mover) introduces a distinctive entry into Lexus's lineup, steering away from the conventional saloon and grand tourer models.

Crafted to offer an unparalleled experience akin to a private jet, the LM caters to an elite clientele, reflected in its princely price tag of S$510,888 (excluding COE). While sharing the TNGA-K platform with the Toyota Vellfire, Lexus underlines the LM as a distinct creation. Mr. Takami Yokoo, Chief Engineer, emphasized the LM's independent development, asserting its departure from the Vellfire.

Addressing potential similarities, Yokoo-san clarified, "During development, I never considered basing it on something else." Visually, the LM exudes understated luxury, embracing Lexus's "Spindle Body" design language, integrating grille elements into the front fascia, minimizing chrome use, and incorporating satin metal accents on honeycomb-like panels.

Its design showcases a unique glasshouse, with a sloping silhouette along floating D-pillars, emphasized by dual LED light bars on the tailgate. Inside, the LM boasts plush Captain's chairs in the second row, electrically-powered with Sharp-developed removable controls, granting comprehensive access to HVAC, seat adjustments (including massage functions), and window sunshades.

To ensure comfort in motion, Lexus fortifies seats with shock-absorbing materials and minimizes micro-vibrations through strategic structural reinforcements. The opulence extends to features like the bespoke Mark Levinson Reference 3D Surround Sound System with 21 speakers and a 14-inch overhead multimedia display integrated with Apple TV functionality.

For business-oriented users, the display mirrors mobile devices via an HDMI port and offers independent usage. Adding convenience, the vehicle provides a three-pin power socket for device charging. The LM integrates Lexus's Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with Frequency-Sensitive Piston Valve technology, reducing vibrations across frequencies. The "Rear Comfort" drive mode further minimizes posture changes during acceleration and deceleration.

The LM 350h variant runs on a 2.5-liter inline-four hybrid engine delivering 247 bhp and 239 Nm of torque to all wheels via Lexus' Direct4 electric all-wheel drive system. Anticipating its arrival in early 2024, the LM 500h, even more luxurious and robust, promises a four-seater configuration, partitioned rows, and a sprawling 48-inch widescreen display.

The Lexus LM redefines luxury in the world of people-carriers, merging innovation, comfort, and exclusivity for Singapore's discerning elite.

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