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Unveiling the Latest Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV: A Closer Look at Singapore's All-Electric Marvel

Mercedes-Benz Singapore recently showcased its cutting-edge all-electric marvel, the EQE SUV, in an exclusive preview at the state-of-the-art Singapore Edition hotel. Serving as the versatile counterpart to the EQE Saloon, this new model inherits key innovations from its EQS and EQS SUV counterparts.

Despite being nine centimeters shorter than the EQE Saloon due to a more compact wheelbase, the EQE SUV maintains the signature Mercedes-EQ design with rounded, aerodynamically efficient surfaces and distinctive lighting arrays. This sleek design contributes to an impressive drag coefficient of just 0.25.

Available in two trims, the currently offered EQE 300 Electric Art and the soon-to-be-released EQE 350+ AMG Line, the EQE 300 boasts an 89kWh battery generating 180kW (245hp) and 550Nm of torque via a rear axle motor. Accelerating from 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds with a top speed of 210km/h, the EQE SUV claims a range of up to 565km on a full charge. The EQE 350+ AMG Line, with enhanced specifications, promises even greater range and power output. Both models support fast-charging at up to 170kW (DC) and 22kW (AC).

Ensuring a tech-forward experience, the EQE SUV comes equipped with the Driving Assistance Plus Package, featuring adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, automatic emergency braking, and evasive steering assist as standard. The vehicle also incorporates rear-wheel steering, allowing up to 10 degrees of rotation for improved maneuverability or high-speed stability, reducing the turning circle from 12.3 to 10.5 meters.

For enhanced handling and ride quality, the EQE SUV offers an optional AIRMATIC air suspension with adaptive dampers. This system enables the vehicle to raise its ride height by up to 30 millimeters for increased ground clearance.

Inside the cabin, the EQE SUV boasts a 12.3-inch digital display for the driver and a 17.7-inch touchscreen central display for the infotainment system. Optionally, users can upgrade to the Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen, adding an extra 12.3-inch display for the passenger. The vehicle also features a premium Burmester sound system with Dolby Atmos integration and ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus, utilizing a built-in HEPA filter to maintain optimal air quality.

Available now in Singapore, the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV 300 Electric Art is priced at S$430,888 with COE, offering a seamless blend of innovation, performance, and luxury in the realm of all-electric SUVs. Check out for more updated car tips and informations on our social media:

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