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Inside Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre Singapore: Where Smart Mobility Meets Cutting-Edge Pro

Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre Singapore, fondly known as HMGICS, isn't just an assembly plant for the Ioniq 5; it's a visionary hub shaping the future of urban mobility.

Beyond assembling the Ioniq 5 for Singapore and fully-autonomous versions for Las Vegas robotaxi services, HMGICS gears up for the forthcoming Ioniq 6 electric sedan, anticipated to roll off the production line in 2024. These vehicles epitomize cutting-edge electric technology, manufactured within an equally innovative factory that, architecturally, resembles a high-tech laboratory more than a conventional industrial plant.

The facility's sophisticated ambiance extends to its bright, airy lobby carrying the 'lab' motif, showcasing a Smart Farm where technology converges with nature to cultivate produce. Although not the key to Singapore's "30 by 30" food security goal, this demonstrates technology's role in maximizing natural resources. Food enthusiasts will soon relish a farm-to-table dining experience at HMGICS's third-floor restaurant, curated by acclaimed chef Corey Lee.

The Ioniq 5 production remains the centerpiece at HMGICS. Visitors won't don safety gear but instead, don VR headsets for a virtual tour of the production line, an experience that surpasses traditional car factory visits. The production area is impeccably clean, resembling a showroom, with comfort akin to the Komoco Leng Kee showroom. Uniquely, maintenance is handled by a team of robots, including the intriguing Hyundai-controlled Spot robots, which perform diverse tasks within the facility. Far from being guard dogs, these mechanical quadrupeds aid in quality checks and collaborate with humans to ensure precision assembly.

HMGICS pioneers a new era of car production with human-robot collaboration, leveraging advanced Industry 4.0 technologies like robotics, AI, data analytics, 5G connectivity, and IoT. However, the most exciting feature isn't in the cloud but atop the structure—the Sky Track, a 620-meter banked oval where freshly-manufactured Ioniq 5s undergo rigorous tests before delivery.

Offering Sky Track experiences to the public, including Hyundai customers, adds an engaging touch to the electric car buying journey. Visitors can explore a library with automotive literature while awaiting their turn and later purchase Hyundai-themed souvenirs. HMGICS epitomizes an unparalleled fusion of innovation, craftsmanship, and engagement, making the SG Ioniq 5 a truly exceptional offering tailored for Singapore.

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