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ERP 2.0 Revolutionizes Vehicle Registration: What You Need to Know

Starting May 1, 2024, a groundbreaking change awaits all new vehicle owners: the mandatory pre-fitting of ERP 2.0 On-Board Units (OBU) in newly registered cars. This move marks a pivotal phase in the evolution of Electronic Road Pricing.

Authorized motor dealers and distributors are gearing up for this transition, revamping their operational procedures to ensure seamless delivery of vehicles with pre-installed OBUs. Customers will be engaged in consultations to tailor their OBU preferences, focusing on unit placement and the optional touchscreen display.

While the default choice for many initial OBU adopters was the integrated touchscreen, feedback-driven enhancements are underway. Following suggestions from users, the updated OBU touchscreen will feature a convenient digital button for temporary card charging suspension in carparks, streamlining parking processes without affecting ERP levies.

Once notified by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), vehicle owners can schedule their OBU installation appointments online via a QR link provided in the notification. During booking, owners opting out of the touchscreen display will be guided through additional considerations regarding mobile app compatibility and future functionalities.

For those opting for delayed installation or early adoption beyond the initial free window, clear fee structures are outlined. Beyond the complimentary period, installation fees stand at $70 for cars and $35 for motorcycles, emphasizing the importance of timely OBU fitting.

For added convenience, motorists can align OBU installations with routine servicing sessions, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Should scheduling conflicts arise, LTA's Call Assist Service offers assistance in rescheduling appointments, ensuring no motorist is left behind in this transformative era of road pricing technology.

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