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Unveiling the Luxurious EQS SUV: Mercedes' Stylish Saloon Takes to New Heights!

Introducing the EQS SUV, a prominent extension of the EQS lineage launched last year. With a distinct SUV silhouette, it retains the striking design and cutting-edge technology that defined its sedan predecessor.

While closely aligned in dimensions, the SUV stands notably taller, towering over the EQS by over 7.8 inches. This elevation translates into an expansive cabin, accommodating up to seven passengers with remarkable comfort and avant-garde connectivity. Mirroring its sedan counterpart, the EQS SUV boasts the innovative four-wheel steering system and pioneering lighting technologies. Locally, Mercedes offers two variants: the Electric Art and the AMG-Line, differing solely in trim levels. Both configurations house two electric motors, providing four-wheel drive and a robust combined output of 360 bhp.

Efficiency is paramount, as it delivers an estimated 610 kilometers on a single charge, courtesy of its impressive 107.8 kWh battery pack and progressive motor technology. Recharging becomes a breeze with a maximum DC charge rate of 200kW, enabling a swift 10-80% recharge in just 31 minutes.

While the AMG Line commands a premium nearing $100,000 over the Electric Art variant, it includes the Burmester 3D surround sound system with Dolby Atmos and the renowned hyperscreen. The Burmester system offers an unparalleled audio experience, rivaling top-tier home audio setups.

For those preferring the hyperscreen alone, it's available as a $49,300 option on the Electric Art variant. To acquire the Electric Art and AMG-Line variants inclusive of COE, Mercedes quotes prices of S$596,888 and $691,888, respectively. This SUV melds luxury with advanced technology, presenting a sophisticated automotive experience that's as practical as it is opulent.

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