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Unveiling the All-New Toyota Prius Hybrid: A Stylish Upgrade with Enhanced Efficiency in Singapore

Toyota Singapore proudly introduces the fifth-generation Prius Hybrid, showcasing a revolutionary design overhaul and heightened efficiency for the Singaporean market.

Originally unveiled in Japan in 2022, the latest Prius Hybrid boasts a completely reimagined exterior, surpassing its predecessor in both aesthetics and aerodynamics. While retaining the iconic Prius silhouette, the fifth-gen model introduces significant enhancements, notably in the form of futuristic headlights inspired by the sleek profile of a hammerhead shark.

Under the hood, the hybrid powertrain undergoes substantial updates, elevating the self-charging hybrid system's performance. The 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder engine and electric motor collaborate to produce an impressive 138hp and 185Nm of torque, achieving a remarkable fuel consumption rate of 24.4km/litre. This remarkable fuel efficiency aligns with Toyota's commitment to eco-conscious driving. The self-charging capability eliminates the need for external charging infrastructure while maintaining electrified performance and efficiency.

In terms of safety, the Prius Hybrid comes equipped with Toyota Safety Sense features, leveraging cameras and radar technology for advanced driver assistance and safety systems. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert, and Lane Tracing Assist contribute to a comprehensive safety suite.

The interior of the new Prius Hybrid undergoes a significant makeover, featuring a driver-focused dashboard following the innovative "island architecture" design concept. This redesign extends to the infotainment and digital gauge cluster displays, offering a modern and intuitive user experience. Additionally, the inclusion of Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features enhances connectivity options for drivers.

Discover the epitome of style and efficiency with the all-new Toyota Prius Hybrid, now available in Singapore. Embrace a driving experience that seamlessly combines cutting-edge design, eco-conscious performance, and advanced safety features, setting a new standard for hybrid vehicles in the Singaporean market. Check out for more updated car tips and informations on our social media:

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