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Unveiling Porsche's Futuristic Minibus Prototype: Vision Renndienst Makes its Asian Debut at Porsche Studio Singapore

The Porsche minibus prototype, Vision Renndienst, previously confined to Porsche's Weissach R&D centre in Germany, has made its inaugural appearance in Asia at Porsche Studio Singapore. This futuristic six-seater shuttle challenges the conventional idea of a family-oriented Porsche, targeting those with affluence and perhaps a 911 or two in their collection.

Originally constructed in 2018, the Vision Renndienst remained unseen until its digital debut in 2020 under 'Porsche Unseen,' a compilation showcasing strictly internal design studies from 2005 to 2019. In Singapore, Ingo Bauer-Scheinhutte, head of Porsche's Advanced Design Team, presented the innovative vehicle, describing it as a bus with a logic of maximum space.

Featuring an asymmetric exterior design, the Vision Renndienst boasts sliding doors on the right side, unveiling a unique 1+2+3 seating configuration within the six-seat cabin. The modular and comfortable interior includes a central seat for the driver facing a wraparound windscreen, two separate bucket seats diagonally behind, and a third-row bench seat. Notably, the driver's seat can swivel 180 degrees to facilitate interaction with passengers.

This unconventional layout offers second-row passengers an unobstructed view and individual dashboard screens for infotainment, while the lounge-inspired third row promotes versatile sitting positions for conversations, remote work, and relaxation. The name "Renndienst," meaning "race service" in German, suggests the Vision Renndienst could serve as a support vehicle for motorsport outfits. The red paintwork pays homage to the iconic Volkswagen Transporter/T1/T2 service vans that supported Porsche racing teams in the 1950s to 1970s.

Envisioning an all-electric drivetrain, Porsche situates the battery pack in the underbody between the front and rear axles. Despite its exotic nature, the Vision Renndienst is not slated for production in its current form. Interestingly, Porsche and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles revived the Renndienst tradition with retro-look VW ID. Buzz electric minibuses last year, serving as support vehicles for Porsche racing series in Germany.

Visit Porsche Studio Singapore to witness the avant-garde Vision Renndienst on display until the end of March 2024. Explore the future of automotive design with this exclusive showcase of Porsche's innovative prowess.

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