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Toyota's New C-HR Unveils Plug-in Hybrid Option with Advanced Features

Toyota unveils the highly anticipated new C-HR, closely resembling the 'prologue' model unveiled last year. This iteration showcases sharper lines, embodying what Toyota terms a "super-coupe" profile. Notably, the frontal treatment aligns the C-HR with Toyota's SUV lineup, echoing elements from the bZ4x and Prius.

New enhancements abound in the exterior design, featuring flushed door handles—a debut for Toyota—and optional 20-inch sports rims. The interior receives a luxurious overhaul, prioritizing driver-centric controls and a passenger-focused "wing" design, elevating comfort levels.

Technological advancements take center stage, integrating features typically seen in higher-end vehicles. These include a distinct Toyota C-HR light signature, seat position presets, an optional 12.3-inch combi-meter, and a customizable ambient lighting system boasting 64 color options.

Safety remains a core focus, with the second-generation C-HR equipped with Toyota Safety Sense's active safety and driver assistance features. Noteworthy additions like Lane Change Assist with Front Cross Traffic and a Driver Monitor Camera bolster safety standards.

The new C-HR introduces four electrified powertrains, including 1.8L and 2.0L hybrid-electric versions and a 2.0L PHEV variant offering intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD-i). The PHEV model incorporates geofencing technology for EV-only operation within low emission zones (LEZ), demonstrating a commitment to reduced CO2 emissions.

Excitingly, the release includes a GR SPORT Premiere Edition, boasting GR styling details and interior enhancements, alongside a High Premiere Edition with signature exterior colors and a panoramic roof.

While specific market offerings for the Singapore market remain undisclosed, the PHEV iteration of the new Toyota C-HR stands out as a practical solution for reducing CO2 emissions and promoting zero-emission mobility.

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