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Toyota FT-Se: A Futuristic Electric Coupe Resurrecting the MR2 Legacy

The Toyota MR2 is making a stunning comeback, reborn as the futuristic electric coupe codenamed FT-Se. This pure two-seater BEV (battery electric vehicle) showcases a cutting-edge design, taking full advantage of its centrally-mounted battery pack for a low-slung body with exceptional aerodynamics and a low center of gravity.

Featuring katana-sharp bodywork and striking exterior lighting, the FT-Se balances futuristic aesthetics with real-world practicality. The electric coupe's design is not just a fantasy; it's poised to hit roads and tracks as a production model in the imminent future, signaling the rise of electric vehicles overtaking traditional ICE cars.

Inside the cockpit, a revolutionary steering yoke replaces the conventional wheel, flanked by smartphone-style displays and a forward-facing "phablet" instrument panel. The digital controls dominate, with physical switches for essential functions like hazard lights and wipers.

Designed for high-performance driving, the FT-Se boasts honeycomb kneepads for enhanced body support during aggressive cornering. The blue sports seats, clad in performance fabric, promise support, although taller GR racers may find headroom tight, especially with racing helmets.

Equipped with Arene, Toyota's advanced software platform, the FT-Se is set for continuous evolution. Operating-system updates will enhance the driving experience over time, with various apps providing unique ways to customize the car. Toyota aptly describes this as "playing with the automotive seasoning," promising a delectable driving experience tailored to different preferences.

Toyota positions the FT-Se as a high-performance sports BEV for the carbon-neutral era, catering to petrolheads transitioning to the electric realm. With the FT-Se, Toyota is merging electricity with excitement, offering a promising future for the GR sports car lineup.

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