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The British Library Safeguards the Iconic V8 Sound of Jaguar's F-Type

Jaguar has immortalized the roar of its F-Type R 75's V8 engine within the hallowed halls of the British Library. These recordings, added alongside historical entries like the first street car sounds, serve as a tribute to the era of combustion engines for future generations.

Conducted with meticulous care, the recordings captured the thunderous V8 engine of the Jaguar F-Type R 75 from both inside the cabin and outside the vehicle. These recordings promise to encapsulate the distinctive sound of the F-Type's 575PS V8 engine for posterity's ears. The recordings were meticulously crafted in the semi-anechoic chamber at Gaydon Engineering Centre, where the F-Type's exhaust note was originally tuned. They feature the Ligurian satin black R 75 performing a series of gear shifts and acceleration sprints in two distinct audio tracks.

Charles Richardson, Jaguar's Senior Sound Engineer, expressed pride in archiving these sounds at the British Library, ensuring that the driving experience of the F-Type R 75 remains accessible for future generations. The 2024 F-Type R 75 Coupe, serving as the focal point of these recordings, commemorates the final model year of the F-Type and celebrates 75 years of Jaguar sports cars. This special edition, equipped with all-wheel drive and powered by a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, delivering an impressive 700Nm of torque.

Curious listeners can access these recordings via the Jaguar media site or experience them firsthand at the British Library starting from Autumn 2023. For those seeking a more immersive encounter, configuring a personal Jaguar F-Type offers a chance to relish the iconic V8 tune in person.

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