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Tesla Model 3 Now Available in Category A COE Spec

Tesla has expanded its model lineup in Singapore to include a new variant of the Model 3 that qualifies for Category A COE.

On May 17, Tesla Singapore announced the availability of the Category A COE-friendly Model 3, further diversifying Tesla’s offerings in the region. This variant is exclusively available in a rear-wheel drive, single-motor configuration.

Key Specifications

According to Tesla’s website, the Cat A Model 3 boasts impressive features:

  • Range: 513km on a full charge

  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 8.6 seconds

  • Top Speed: 201km/h


The Cat A Model 3 is priced competitively:

  • Excluding COE: Estimated to start from S$93,171

  • Including COE: Approximately S$192,754, based on the current prevailing quota premium


Tesla Singapore has started accepting orders for the Cat A Model 3, with deliveries expected to begin in June.

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