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September 2023 1st COE Bidding Results Revealed! Time to Cash Out Your Car?

In the most recent Certificate of Entitlement (COE) bidding exercise, automotive enthusiasts and prospective car buyers witnessed both highs and lows in the prices of COEs. The COE results for September 2023 1st bidding, revealed significant fluctuations again compared to the previous results.

Category A - which includes cars with an engine capacity of 1,600cc and below, has increased $1,000, while Category B, which includes cars with an engine capacity above 1,600cc, also saw a significant price increase of $4,999.

Category C, which includes goods vehicles & buses, saw an increase of $88 compared to the last result. Meanwhile Category E (open category), which excludes motorcycles, has also increased $6,000 from last price of $131,000 to $137,000

Based on the COE results, it may be an opportune moment for car owners to consider cashing out on their vehicles. With notable price fluctuations observed in various COE categories, the market dynamics are evolving rapidly. If you're currently owning a vehicle, especially if it falls within a category that has experienced a significant price surge, this could be a favorable time to capitalize on the increased market value of your car. Selling now might allow you to fetch a better price for your vehicle than in previous periods, potentially maximizing your returns! However, it's crucial to conduct a thorough assessment of your specific circumstances, including your vehicle's age, condition, and your transportation needs, before making any decisions. Consulting with a trusted automotive expert or dealership can provide valuable insights into whether this is the right time to cash out on your car.

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