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Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar Hits Singaporean Shores

The Rimac Nevera, touted as one of the globe's most fiercely potent electric hypercars, has made its grand entrance into Singapore.

Unveiled today at Wearnes Tower along Leng Kee Road, the Nevera represents the production evolution of the Rimac C_Two, designed for unparalleled performance driven by four electric motors, each powering an individual wheel.

Propelled by a 120kWh battery, the Nevera boasts an astonishing 1,888bhp and 2,360Nm of torque, catapulting this 2.3-ton hypercar from 0 to 100km/h in a staggering 1.81 seconds and reaching 200km/h in a mere 9.22 seconds. With open stretches of road, it conquers speeds up to 412km/h.

Enhancing its performance, the Nevera boasts Rimac's All-Wheel Torque Vectoring system (R-AWTV), meticulously distributing torque to each wheel over 100 times per second, ensuring exceptional traction and handling.

The car's handling prowess is fortified with double wishbone suspension, electronically adjustable dampers, and advanced braking with carbon-ceramic discs and cooling ducts to prevent brake fade.

Crafted around a single-piece carbon fibre monocoque housing an integrated structural battery pack, the 120kWh lithium manganese nickel batteries envelop the driver and front passenger, providing a rapid 80% charge in just 19 minutes using a 500kW DC charger.

Named after a Mediterranean storm, the Nevera's limited production of 150 units, overseen by founder Mate Rimac himself, has garnered significant demand, with the initial year's allocation already sold out, demanding a minimum 12-month wait for interested buyers.

Priced at 2 million euros (S$2,910,527 at present), the left-hand drive exclusive model in Singapore stands at an estimated cost range of S$28-30 million before COE, options, and insurance, limiting its road legality for buyers.

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