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Range Rover Unveils Celestial Collection: Five Limited Edition Models Inspired by Mythology and Space

Range Rover has introduced the Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection, featuring five exclusive models inspired by ancient mythology and the cosmos. This unique collection marks Range Rover's first venture into thematic, limited-edition curations.

The Five Celestial Curations

The Celestial Collection consists of five distinct models, each named after a mythological being or celestial body:

  • Gaea: Represents Earth

  • Theia: Associated with light

  • Io: Relates to volcanic activity

  • Vega: Named after a star

  • Sol: References the Sun

Design Inspirations

Each model in the Celestial Collection draws design inspiration from its namesake:

  • Io Curation: Features a Cyllene Gloss exterior color, mirroring the volcanic surface of Io, Jupiter's moon.

  • Gaea, Theia, Vega, and Sol Curations: Each model showcases bespoke paintwork, upholstery, and trim reflective of their mythological and cosmic influences.

Exclusive Features

All models in the Celestial Collection come with premium features, including:

  • 23-Inch Wheels

  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes

  • Carbon Fibre Bonnet


The Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection will be offered exclusively to select clients. Pricing details have not been disclosed. Range Rover’s Celestial Collection combines luxury and mythology, creating a unique and exclusive driving experience. Discover the harmony between ancient myths and cutting-edge automotive design in these limited edition models.

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