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MINI Unveils Exclusive Tribute: Limited-Edition MINI Clubman Final Edition Hits Singapore

MINI enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the exclusive MINI Clubman Final Edition, arriving in Singapore in its powerful Cooper S engine variant. Embodying dynamism, this edition boasts a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, delivering an impressive 178hp and 280Nm of torque through its 7-speed Steptronic Sport dual-clutch transmission.

A tribute to its origins, only 1,969 units of the Clubman Final Edition will roll off the assembly line globally, a nod to the inception year of the original MINI Clubman. In a rare allocation, just five of these distinctive vehicles will be available exclusively in Singapore. Distinguishing itself with Final Edition-specific features, the Clubman showcases vibrant Shimmer Copper accents throughout its body, including unique graphic patterns adorning the hood, sides, and rear. Complementing its style, the 18-inch alloy rims, designed in the Final Edition Spoke 2-tone style, gleam with the same copper hue, accentuated by floating center caps embellished with the iconic MINI logo.

Further enhancing its exclusivity, the Final Edition proudly displays "Final Edition" and "1 of 1969" badges at strategic points such as the door sills, steering wheel, C-pillars, rear split doors, and floor mats, paying homage to its limited production. Inside, the MINI Clubman Final Edition exudes sophistication with its leather sports seats featuring Dark Maroon edition badges and Piquet fabric inserts, highlighted by elegant blue contrast stitching. Equipped with standard Connected Media technology, the vehicle hosts an 8.8-inch touchscreen display, seamlessly integrating Apple CarPlay functionality for enhanced connectivity.

With its limited production, distinctive design elements, and exclusive features, the MINI Clubman Final Edition promises an unparalleled driving experience for MINI aficionados seeking a blend of style, performance, and exclusivity.

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