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Lotus Launches Eletre, Its Flagship Electric Hyper-SUV, in Singapore

Lotus has officially introduced its pioneering all-electric Hyper-SUV, the Eletre, to Singapore's automotive scene, following its preview four months ago.

At an exclusive media launch, the spotlight was on the Eletre S, showcased in the striking Galloway Green hue. While we've delved into the significance of the Eletre for Lotus previously, it's noteworthy that the Eletre R, alongside the Eletre S, will be available in the local market.

Distinguishing between the Eletre S and R visually is challenging, as both resemble each other, particularly if the Carbon Pack adorns the S (a standard feature on the R).

The Eletre S packs a dual-motor powertrain with Lotus ICC intelligent torque distribution, delivering 450kW (603bhp) and 710Nm of torque, propelling it from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 4.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, the Eletre R boasts a higher power output of 675kW (903bhp) and 985Nm, accelerating to 100km/h in a staggering 2.95 seconds. Despite these variations, the Eletre S impressively reaches a top speed of 258km/h, closely rivaling the Eletre R's 265km/h.

Both variants embody Lotus's fusion of a lifestyle vehicle with its motorsport heritage, blending hypercar design language for visual drama and aerodynamic prowess. Inside, an avant-garde digital cockpit houses a 15.1-inch high-definition OLED screen that unfolds upon ignition. The executive four-seat setup introduces rear touchscreen controls, granting passengers access to various functions and an immersive audio experience courtesy of built-in KEF speakers delivering Dolby Atmos.

As the world's first all-electric Hyper-SUVs, the Eletre models feature industry-leading EV architecture powered by a 112kWh battery, supporting rapid DC charging up to 350kW, enabling a 10 to 80% charge in just 20 minutes.

Range anxiety is alleviated with the Eletre R offering a WLTP-rated range of 490km and the Eletre S reaching up to 600km on a single charge. A distinctive rear light blade signals charging status, glowing green to indicate battery levels in real-time.

The anticipated arrival of the Eletre S and R on Singapore roads is slated for December 2023. However, the base model, Lotus Eletre, unveiled globally in 2022, won't be available in the region.

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