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Kia Singapore Unveils Revamped Showroom and All-New Niro Plus EV

Kia Singapore has revealed its revamped showroom, a sleek transformation aimed at redefining the car-buying journey for customers. The grand unveiling also marked the introduction of their premier all-electric PBV.

Spanning 4,000 square feet, the redesigned showroom boasts the capacity to showcase nine vehicles. Following Kia's innovative showroom design ethos of "Opposites United," the space harmonizes contrasting elements seamlessly.

Distinctive zones delineate the showroom's layout—the Customer Zone designed for comfort and relaxation, fostering a homely ambiance for customers during their Kia purchasing journey. In contrast, the Display Zone accentuates Kia's vehicles, spotlighting their technology, features, and design.

Debut of the New Kia Niro Plus EV At the showroom's launch event, Kia proudly introduced the latest addition to their PBV lineup. This vehicle, part of the Purpose-Built Vehicle category, aligns with the Korean automaker's transformative "Plan S" strategy, reshaping its role in the mobility solutions landscape.

Joining the hybrid variant released earlier this year, the electric iteration of the Niro Plus features a front-mounted 143 bhp electric motor paired with a 64kWh battery pack.

With a range of 427 kilometres on a single charge, the Niro Plus EV showcases its efficiency. It charges swiftly to 80% in just 47 minutes using a DC 100kWh charger, while an AC charge option delivers up to 11kWh.

The Niro Plus EV's launch exemplifies Cycle and Carriage's unwavering commitment to zero-emissions driving. This move strongly supports the Singapore Green Plan 2030, offering eco-conscious solutions for taxi and ride-hailing services committed to zero-emissions mobility.

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