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Introducing the New Toyota Century SUV Variant: A Luxurious Departure

Toyota responds to shifting consumer preferences, particularly the surge in SUV demand, by unveiling an addition to its esteemed Century lineup. Enter the all-new Toyota Century SUV, marking a significant shift in the brand's iconic nameplate.

Joining its sedan counterpart launched in 2018, this SUV variant commands a higher price tag, starting at 25 million yen, setting it apart with a premium of five million yen over the sedan's 20.08 million yen cost. Distinct Platforms and Performance While sharing the nameplate and design essence, these vehicles stand on divergent platforms. The sedan employs the Toyota N platform, akin to the Lexus LS, whereas the SUV utilizes the GA-K platform, seen in the Camry and RAV4 models.

Under the hood, the SUV boasts a 406 bhp hybrid-assisted V6 powertrain, a deviation from the sedan's 425 bhp hybrid-assisted V8, presenting a different driving experience.

Though marginally shorter in wheelbase and overall length, the SUV compensates with increased width and height. Surprisingly, despite its elevated stature, it maintains a minimal weight difference, tipping the scales at 2,570 kilograms compared to the sedan's 2,370 kilograms.

Distinctive Styling and Luxurious Features The SUV embodies familiar design elements, tailored to suit the SUV profile. The boxy yet luxurious aesthetics draw faint resemblances to the Rolls Royce Cullinan, characterized by split headlights and three prominent air intakes that redefine the front fascia.

As a strict four-seater, the interior boasts opulent amenities, including a panoramic glass roof, a refrigerator, and an 18-speaker stereo system, encapsulating the luxury experience. Easy access to the spacious rear compartment is facilitated by large door openings

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