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Introducing the MINI Aceman: A Stylish Electric Crossover with an Adorable AI Assistant

Updated: Jun 24

MINI has unveiled its latest innovation, the Aceman, an all-electric crossover that combines sleek design, advanced technology, and a charming dog-shaped AI voice assistant. Originally showcased as the Aceman Concept, this new production model marks MINI's official entry into the electric crossover market. Unlike the versatile Cooper, which is available in both ICE and EV variants, the Aceman is exclusively electric.

The Aceman is offered in two variants: the Aceman E and the Aceman SE. The Aceman E boasts a 134kW/184hp motor with 290Nm of torque and a 42.5kWh battery, delivering a range of 310km on a full charge. The Aceman SE steps up with a 160kW/218hp motor, 330Nm of torque, and a 54.2kWh battery, extending its range to 406km. Both models feature fast charging capabilities, allowing the battery to charge from 10% to 80% in just under 30 minutes, thanks to 75kW and 95kW fast chargers for the Aceman E and SE, respectively.

Maintaining the design ethos of “Charismatic Simplicity,” the Aceman closely resembles its concept predecessor with a strong yet understated aesthetic. It strikes a balance between minimalism and personality, making it a standout in the electric crossover segment. Sized between the smaller Cooper and the larger Countryman, the Aceman utilizes MINI’s “Clever Use of Space” design principle to comfortably accommodate passengers while remaining compact and agile in urban environments.

Distinctive features include redesigned LED headlights in an octagonal shape with adjustable daytime running lights and taillights that offer three unique graphic modes for personalization. Inside, the “Charismatic Simplicity” theme continues with a modern, stylish design focused on three main elements: the steering wheel, a remodeled toggle bar, and a new central OLED display. This display handles most vehicle operations and infotainment functions, powered by MINI’s Operating System 9 (OS9).

The highlight of the Aceman’s tech suite is its AI voice assistant, an adorable dog named “Spike.” This fully-fledged assistant can operate various vehicle functions through voice commands, learn daily routines, and automate tasks such as opening windows when approaching a car park.

Driving enthusiasts will appreciate the Aceman’s retention of MINI's signature go-kart handling, enhanced by eight driving modes, including the dynamic Go-Kart Mode. These modes adjust the suspension, steering response, and traction control to optimize driving pleasure.

The MINI Aceman stands out as a stylish, tech-savvy electric crossover with a unique AI companion, making it an exciting addition to the electric vehicle market. Check out for more updated car tips and informations on our social media:

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