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Honda's Futuristic Sustaina-C: Redefining Urban Mobility with Integrated Pocket PMD

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

In a throwback to its revolutionary 1980s innovation, Honda reimagines the concept of a compact city car paired with a Personal Mobility Device (PMD). Reviving the spirit of the iconic 1.2-liter City that housed a 50cc Motocompo in its hatchback trunk, this blend of urban convenience once revered as a cult favorite, especially in its turbocharged variant, showcased true brilliance in urban motoring.

Fast-forward to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, where Honda unveils its homage to past ingenuity—the Sustaina-C. This modern vehicle, equipped with an onboard PMD known as the Honda Pocket, transforms the City of yesteryears into a forward-thinking urban mobility solution. Although details about the Honda Pocket's performance remain undisclosed, its reveal sparks curiosity about its speed compared to other PMDs, particularly those used for food delivery services.

Promising durability and agility, the Honda Pocket appears as a well-crafted supplementary mode of transport, appealing to Sustaina-C drivers embracing car-lite living or seeking playful pavement rides with their portable Honda Pocket. While not as petite as its forerunner, the electric Motocompacto successor can reach speeds up to 24km/h and cover a range of 19 kilometers, boasting nimbleness and sturdiness.

Both the Pocket and Sustaina-C boast body panels fashioned from recycled acrylic resin—a resilient material designed to endure harsh conditions. These panels highlight unpainted surfaces that exhibit colors and patterns through the molding process.

The Sustaina-C's innovative tailgate integrates a single acrylic panel housing a rear window and versatile tail-lights. These tail-lights, utilizing mini-LEDs, double as a dynamic mobile display capable of flashing images and messages. Imagine courteous Japanese drivers exchanging "After You" and "Arigato," while Singaporean drivers communicate with "Don't Tailgate Leh" and "Give Way Lah."

Honda's Sustaina-C and Pocket collaboration symbolizes the brand's commitment to sustainable, technology-infused urban mobility, seamlessly blending futuristic design with practical city commuting solutions.

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