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Honda Unveils Futuristic Sustaina-C with Integrated Pocket PMD for Urban Mobility

In a nod to its groundbreaking 1980s innovation, Honda reintroduces the concept of a compact city car paired with a personal mobility device (PMD). Initially embodied by the iconic 1.2-litre City housing a 50cc Motocompo in its hatchback trunk, this fusion of urban convenience became a cult favorite, especially in its turbocharged variant—a true genius of urban motoring.

Fast forward to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (formerly Tokyo Motor Show), where Honda's revival of past ingenuity materializes as the Sustaina-C. This modernized vehicle, equipped with an onboard PMD named Honda Pocket, reshapes yesterday's City into tomorrow's urban mobility solution. The Honda Pocket, although named, its performance capabilities are yet to be unveiled, raising anticipation about its swiftness compared to other PMDs, notably those utilized for food delivery.

Promising robustness and agility, the Honda Pocket appears as a well-crafted supplementary transport mode, catering to the Sustaina-C driver embracing car-lite living or seeking playful pavement maneuvers with their portable Honda Pocket. While not as diminutive as its predecessor, the electric Motocompacto successor, capable of reaching speeds up to 24km/h with a range of 19 kilometers, the Pocket boasts nimbleness and durability.

Both the Pocket and Sustaina-C feature body panels crafted from recycled acrylic resin—a flexible, resilient material engineered to withstand harsh conditions while showcasing unpainted surfaces exhibiting colors and patterns through the molding process.

The innovative tailgate of the Sustaina-C integrates a single acrylic panel with a rear window and multifunctional tail-lights. These tail-lights utilize mini-LEDs, doubling as a dynamic mobile display capable of flashing images and messages. Envision courteous Japanese drivers exchanging "After You" and "Arigato," while Singaporean drivers communicate with "Don't Tailgate Leh" and "Give Way Lah."

Honda's Sustaina-C and Pocket collaboration stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to sustainable, tech-infused urban mobility, marrying futuristic design with practical city commuting solutions.

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