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Exclusive Review: Volkswagen ID.4, ID.4 GTX, and Skoda Enyaq - First Drive Experience

Volkswagen Singapore recently invited a select group from the automotive press to Love Handle, providing a unique opportunity to test-drive their latest electric vehicle lineup. Set against the sustainable backdrop of Love Handle, much like the ID series and the Enyaq, the experience promised familiarity coupled with eco-conscious technology. Let's delve into the stars of the show – Volkswagen's groundbreaking ID.4 and ID.4 GTX, alongside Skoda's impressive Enyaq.

First Impressions with the Skoda Enyaq The Enyaq pleasantly surprised with its simplicity amid its futuristic design. Familiar controls akin to Volkswagen Group products made navigation intuitive, although we noted a slightly small driver's display.

Boasting generous cabin space and remarkable sound insulation for serene commutes, its acceleration isn't the quickest, and the brakes could use more assertiveness. These aspects seemed geared towards encouraging a more restrained driving style.

Next in Line - the Volkswagen ID.4 Both cars felt spatially akin, given their shared Volkswagen Group MEB platform. While I found the ID.4's design more cohesive, my co-drivers had different perspectives. Performance-wise, they are quite similar, with the ID.4 exhibiting slightly more responsive brakes compared to its Skoda counterpart. Among the trio, this would be my personal pick for its conventional yet innovative feel.

Ending with the ID.4 GTX A marvel in its own right, the ID.4 GTX embodies the electric age's GTI version. Featuring four-wheel drive and dual electric motors, it delivers a combined 220 kW, sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 6.2 seconds. Despite its weight, it handles admirably well, thanks to an impressive traction control system and a low center of gravity, ensuring stability even in motion.

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