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Discover the All-New Suzuki S-Cross Unleashed by Champion Motors!

Champion Motors introduces the latest gem in the Suzuki lineup with the all-new S-Cross, a vehicle designed to embody boldness, sophistication, and adaptability. Elevating the driving experience, this model aims to deliver power, comfort, and unwavering reliability to its proud owners.

The arrival of the S-Cross marks a strategic shift from Suzuki's tradition of crafting playful, comfortable, and distinctive cars. This transformation aligns with the dynamic shifts in the preferences and lifestyles of the discerning car-buying community in Singapore.

Externally, the new S-Cross commands attention with its prominent Piano Black Grille and full LED Headlamps, strategically positioned at an elevated level to exude the robust and daring aura of an SUV. Complementing its assertive stance are rugged rims, adding a touch of character wherever the vehicle ventures.

Step inside to discover a spacious, multifaceted 9-inch HD display audio system seamlessly integrated with vital car assistance functionalities like Apple CarPlay®. This system not only provides access to crucial driving support functions, including vehicle information and image display, but also ensures an intuitive and responsive driving experience for the driver on the road.

Powering this new model is a mild-hybrid 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, equipped with Suzuki's native hybrid technology. Paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox, the engine churns out 124 bhp, promising exceptional fuel efficiency thanks to its innovative mild hybrid system.

The S-Cross comes equipped with Suzuki Safety Support, a suite of advanced features bolstering overall safety. Among these features is the Blind Spot Monitor, alerting drivers to approaching vehicles in the rear blind spots through flashing indicators and audio warnings, ensuring enhanced safety for occupants.

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