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Discover Mazda's Newest Flagship: The CX-60 SUV & the Exclusive Dezire+ Programme

Mazda has unveiled its latest flagship, the CX-60, adding an enticing choice for SUV enthusiasts seeking Mazda's hallmark quality and style. This newcomer epitomizes Mazda's commitment to crafting premium vehicles, evident in its evolution of the renowned KODO design language, marking a departure with its squared-off front and a captivating road presence.

The CX-60 carries the familiar styling seen across Mazda's lineup, albeit refined to exude a more upscale aura. Inside, meticulous attention to detail reigns supreme, with tactile surfaces replacing hard plastics, harmonizing with the Japanese philosophy of Kaicho, ensuring an integrated and luxurious experience.

Delivered locally, the CX-60 houses a robust 2.5-litre SkyActiv-G engine and an all-new eight-speed gearbox, delivering 188 bhp and 261 Nm of torque. Mazda's Intelligent Drive Selector offers adaptable driving modes, seamlessly transitioning between the relaxed 'Normal' mode and the more dynamic 'Sport' mode for spirited drives.

Moreover, Eurokars introduces the Dezire+ programme, enhancing the Mazda ownership experience. Exclusive to higher-end models like the CX-60 and upcoming CX-80, this programme immerses owners in a curated world of experiences, privileges, and personalized gifts, emphasizing a holistic lifestyle approach beyond mere car ownership.

Priced at $278,888 for the local variant, the CX-60 promises a blend of Mazda's renowned craftsmanship and a new level of sophistication. Watch this space for our detailed review, delving deeper into Mazda's latest gem!

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