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Curious What Your Car Says About You? (Part 1)

Ever wonder what the brand of your car says about you? A person's identity extends beyond the car they choose to drive. But it's true to argue that particular companies and logos are frequently connected to particular types of people. Read out


Most Honda owners belong to the Millennial generation. They may work in healthcare, education, or home and garden care, and they enjoy spending a lot of time outside. If you drive a Honda, you could be very concerned about having a family and raising children. You probably have an emotional streak, are upbeat, and sympathetic. You might also have a special affinity for science.

Mercedes Benz

If you're a lover of Mercedes-Benz, you might be a member of the Gen X or Baby Boomer group who enjoys playing golf or making stock market investments. You probably work in engineering or property management, and you like trying new and unique dishes. While you tend to be methodical and analytical, you also have a great sense of humor. You could become a little frustrated with people who don't share your principles due to your orderly personality.

Renault Drivers for Renault are extremely knowledgeable, responsible, and independent. They excel at supporting others when they find themselves in challenging circumstances. But as a Renault driver, you might discover that occasionally your attention to detail gets the better of you.

On occasion, you could act compulsively or come off as a little nerdy to others.


Volkswagen owners have a creative and imaginative mind. They frequently work in architecture and interior design because they like to travel and try new things. You enjoy reading and visiting art galleries, and you generally exude a calm, unassuming confidence. Speaking your mind too much might sometimes lead you into trouble.

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