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BMW Unveils Future-Ready Innovation: The i Vision Dee Concept Car Lands in Singapore

Get ready for a glimpse into the future as BMW introduces its groundbreaking i Vision Dee concept car, making its debut in Singapore and signaling a new era in automotive technology set to influence upcoming BMW models.

Named after its ethos, 'Digital Emotional Experience' (Dee), this visionary vehicle establishes a real-time connection with its driver, offering a spectrum of emotions and interactions, forging an unparalleled bond between man and machine. Built on the advanced Neue Klasse platform, the i Vision Dee showcases BMW's cutting-edge all-electric architecture, a significant leap forward from the existing Cluster Architecture (CLAR) featured in current models like the iX3 SUV.

Breaking away from extravagant designs, the i Vision Dee boasts compact dimensions and sleek lines, reminiscent of classic BMW styling cues. Its distinctive pointed shark nose pays homage to iconic models like the BMW 2002, while incorporating innovative elements like large dual e-ink panels mirroring the famous kidney grille, displaying emotions and versatile patterns in black, white, and a full spectrum of colors.

Witnessing an unprecedented display technology, the car's 240 individually-controlled panels enable instantaneous transformations of the car's entire surface, presenting an infinite range of vibrant patterns and animations. Even the wheels, adorned with psychedelic yellow cross-patterns, offer an eye-catching touch, showcasing BMW's forward-thinking approach towards the future.

Matthias Junghanns, Director Automotive Design at BMW Designworks Shanghai, deliberately infused bright yellow accents to convey a sense of vibrancy and optimism, steering clear of somber tones for a futuristic outlook. Infused with BMW's iconic elements, the i Vision Dee integrates modern twists, such as the Hofmeister kink with e-ink functionality and dynamic displays on window frames, even projecting the digital profile of the car owner, enhancing personalization.

Inside, the spacious five-seater cabin combines sustainable materials and padded fabrics, ensuring a blend of luxury and environmental consciousness. Redefining the driving experience, the innovative head-up display system spans the windscreen width, offering four display options via dashboard controls, ensuring safety while immersing the driver in a range of information, from essential details to immersive virtual reality.

Lars Nielsen, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia, emphasizes the BMW Group's commitment to an electric, circular, and digital future, showcasing their lineup of BMW i vehicles like the iX, i7, and iX3. The i Vision Dee embodies the transformative power of digitalization, harmonizing hardware and software for a seamless blend of virtual and physical automotive experiences.

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