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Audi Drives Greentech Festival Singapore 2023: A Showcase of Sustainability

As a founding partner of the Greentech Festival (GTF), Audi proudly brings this sustainability extravaganza to Singapore for its second consecutive year.

The GTF, hailed as Europe's premier sustainability celebration, was co-founded by Marco Voigt and former Formula One ace Nico Rosberg. It serves as a platform for renowned companies, keynote speakers, and panel discussions, focusing on cutting-edge sustainability solutions alongside immersive hands-on boot camps.

The 2023 event, held from November 23-24 at Gardens by the Bay, welcomed 25 esteemed speakers. Audi, in its founding role, deployed a fleet of 10 fully electric e-tron models to chauffeur speakers and guests to the venue, underscoring its dedication to sustainable mobility.

Highlighting its commitment, Audi proudly showcased the Q8 e-tron at GTF, spotlighting its use of recyclates in production, signaling a move towards a more sustainable and circular supply chain.

Another noteworthy Audi exhibit was the Closed Loop Water Exhibit, a glimpse into the brand's evolving supply chain and production methods, initially unveiled at GTF Berlin earlier in the year.

The event crowned two Green Award winners at GTF Singapore 2023: Godelmann, recognized for its Generation 4.0 ecological surfacing material in the Building category, and Formo, lauded for producing animal-free dairy in the Food & Beverage category.

The coveted Special Award honored Antoinette Taus, a Filipino-American actress and advocate of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Her leadership in climate action, women's empowerment, sustainability, and the circular economy through programs like CORA earned her this accolade.

Markus Schuster, Managing Director for Audi Singapore, expressed pride in the ongoing partnership with Greentech Festival, highlighting Audi's dedicated path toward net zero and sustainable mobility. He aims to inspire a growing community of leaders and organizations, forging a greener future in the region.

Schuster concludes, "Audi's journey towards net zero and sustainable mobility remains an ongoing commitment. We aspire to continue inspiring and empowering others to join us on this transformative journey."

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