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A Shocking Turnover? The COE Results For June 2023 1st Bidding Is Out!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The most recent COE results are out, and they include some fascinating information for Singapore's car buyers. The findings are inconsistent across the categories, with some experiencing a turnover compared to last COE result.

The COE price for Category A (vehicles under 1600cc and 97kW) rose marginally from $92,000 to $98,001, an increase of $6,001. Nevertheless, COE costs for Category B (vehicles above 1600cc or 97kW) also increased by $7,668 from $113,034 to $120,702.

The COE price for Category C (goods vehicles and buses) kept rising by $4,300, increasing from $77,501 to $81,801. Last but not least, COE price for Category E (except motorcycles) have decreased a lot, from $125,000 to $120,889, a drop of $4,111.

The strong demand for cars in Singapore, as evidenced by the recent surge in COE prices, is a testament to the value and importance of car ownership in the society. Many believed that owning a car is still a valuable investment.

Overall, the most recent COE results demonstrate that Singapore's car industry is still unstable, with prices varying according to supply and demand. The most recent COE results should be closely monitored by prospective car purchasers, and they should be ready to change their expectations and budget appropriately.

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