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Subaru Introduces Crosstrek e-BOXER Hybrid in Singapore: A Detailed Debut

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The recent launch of the Crosstrek at Suntec City Tower 3 atrium marks its Singaporean debut, heralding a nameplate previously known as the XV in global markets outside North America.

Subaru showcases the Crosstrek's "playful design" characterized by a striking front end and rugged plastic cladding on flared fenders, imparting an adventurous demeanor to the SUV.

Boasting a spectrum of 10 paintwork colors, including exclusive options like Oasis Blue, Offshore Blue Metallic, and Sun Blaze Pearl, the Crosstrek accentuates its visual allure.

Primed as the second Subaru model in Singapore featuring the e-BOXER Hybrid powertrain, the SUV harnesses a 2.0-liter flat-four engine generating 148bhp and 196Nm of torque.

Enhanced efficiency, performance, and refinement are attained through optimized engine components, including a new cylinder head and pistons. Accompanying this powerplant is an electric motor generating 16.5bhp and 66Nm of torque, ensuring robust performance across diverse driving scenarios.

Standardizing the symmetrical all-wheel drive system, the Crosstrek fortifies traction with the Vehicle Dynamics Control System and Dual-Function X-MODE, offering adaptable drive modes catering to various surface conditions.

The safety suite boasts Enhanced EyeSight 4.0, equipped with three cameras, including a new wide-angle monocular camera, intensifying pedestrian and two-wheeler detection capabilities, ensuring advanced driver assistance functions.

The SUV's interior is tailored for comfort and convenience, featuring a 10-way powered driver's seat, an eight-way electrically adjustable passenger seat, and an intuitive 11.6-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (both wireless).

The starting price for the Crosstrek e-BOXER Hybrid stands at $216,800 with COE.

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