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Decoding the December 2023 COE Results: A Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendations for Buyers and

The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) results for the December 2023 2nd bidding have just been released, marking significant changes in the automotive landscape. Let's dive into a detailed comparison between the latest results and those from the 1st bidding of December 2023, and explore what these numbers mean for both car buyers and sellers.

Dec 2023 1st Bidding Results:

  • CAT A: $88,020

  • CAT B: $130,100

  • CAT C: $71,001

  • CAT E: $133,388

Analyzing the Changes:

  1. CAT A (Cars up to 1600cc and 97kW):

  • A decrease of approximately $3,020 from the 1st bidding to the 2nd bidding.

  • Still relatively high compared to previous years, suggesting sustained demand in this category.

  1. CAT B (Cars above 1600cc or 97kW):

  • A noticeable decrease of $20,099 from the 1st to the 2nd bidding.

  • This drop may indicate a more subdued demand or increased supply in this segment.

  1. CAT C (Goods Vehicles and Buses):

  • A slight decrease of $1,578 from the 1st to the 2nd bidding.

  • Prices in this category have remained relatively stable, indicating a consistent market.

  1. CAT E (Open Category):

  • A significant decrease of $15,000 from the 1st to the 2nd bidding.

  • This reduction might indicate a shift in demand or a possible increase in available quota.

Recommendations for Buyers and Sellers:


  1. Timing Matters: If you're eyeing a specific category, analyzing trends between bidding exercises can help determine the best time for purchasing. The 2nd bidding, as seen, sometimes yields lower prices.

  2. Assess Demand and Purpose: Understand the purpose behind your vehicle purchase. Lower COE prices might indicate a good time to buy, but considering factors like resale value, maintenance costs, and your usage pattern is crucial.


  1. Market Watch: Observe bidding trends to time the sale of your vehicle, especially if you're considering upgrading or selling. Higher COE prices might yield better returns.

  2. Flexible Strategies: If you have the flexibility, consider delaying the sale if the market seems unfavorable. Alternatively, if the prices are high, it might be an opportune time to sell.


The December 2023 2nd bidding results showcase a mixed scenario with fluctuations across different categories. These changes reflect market dynamics influenced by factors like demand, available quota, and economic conditions.

Ultimately, whether you're a buyer or seller, a nuanced understanding of the COE system, coupled with a strategic approach aligned with your needs, can optimize your decision-making process in this dynamic automotive landscape.

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