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BMW Catalyzes Collaborations with Singapore Manufacturers at Supplier Matching Day

BMW Group AG (BMW) orchestrated a dynamic event, the BMW Supplier Matching Day, fostering connections between Singapore-based manufacturers and BMW. This strategic initiative aimed to fortify BMW's regional supplier network and enhance its value chain.

Supported by Enterprise Singapore, the event drew over 40 participants representing 25 local manufacturers across diverse sectors encompassing electronics, battery and charging infrastructure, optics, and advanced materials.

BMW utilized this platform to identify fresh contributors to its global supply chain, concurrently nurturing the growth of indigenous businesses. A core objective was to forge robust partnerships with Singapore manufacturers, particularly emphasizing deep tech and innovation. Enterprise Singapore played a pivotal role in facilitating engagements centered on tech sourcing and innovative solutions.

Acknowledging Southeast Asia's strategic significance as a key sourcing and manufacturing hub, BMW underscores Singapore's pivotal role within this landscape. The local manufacturing ecosystem, coupled with Singapore's position as a gateway to the wider Southeast Asian region, holds immense promise for BMW's supply chain resilience.

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